The Christmas Tree Poems

by Deb Richmond, Author/Wanna-be poet

Some people send thank you notes. Others give hugs. I tell stories or sometimes write poems, especially Christmas tree poems.

I don’t claim to be much of a poet, but sometimes, having grown up on Green Eggs and Ham, I can’t help myself.

The Christmas Tree Poems inspiration

A little Christmas tree stands along the road on my way to work. I don’t know when it started, but the delight in seeing that tree every dark winter morning has always filled me with thankfulness – gratitude for the people who string a long power cord from a dwelling hidden behind the hill to the edge of the road, gratitude to my Heavenly Father for one more day.

Somewhere along the way, I began writing the thank you Christmas tree poems and leaving them under the tree for the owners to find.

Sometimes, in icy January, I wonder if I’ll fall and break a bone trying to climb that little hill to where the tree stands or slide down in my backside to my car parked along the road. Nevertheless, I need to leave my gratuity for the joy that tree gives.

I’ve just finished writing this year’s poem. I have one more to write, and then my journey on the dark highway of 322 will be done.

Here is the 2023 poem and a few from previous years.



Christmas Tree Poem (2019)


You’re still here?

It’s good to see

that Christmas lingers

with my tree,

that colors shine

and hope stands tall

as winter’s grip

begins to thaw.

And now and then

the blackest shade

of morning’s dark

will lift and fade,

and sunshine peaks

beneath the blinds

with Spring and warmth

not far behind.

But even before

the promised light

your merry hues

transcend the night.






The road this year was dark and cold,

With illness, loss, and growing old

Yet ever hope remains and brightness lights the way.

The road this year was never ending,

With busyness and too much spending,

I’m weary from the endless work,

The hopeless soul and road rage jerk

But color peers over the rise,

A welcome to my heartsick eyes

For when the night is at its nightest

Then love and lights display the brightest.




Little Things (2021)



holds me in a bear hug

The savage threat of loss

and fear

and dread

But beyond the beast

A beacon points

to a better tomorrow

A ray of hope

stands along the path




If I can look beyond the gloom

There is joy in little things

the dancing eyes of laughter

the taste of falling snow

the smell of pine

the giggle of a mischievous child

My friend, the roadside Christmas tree

and the beauty of colored lights

Another unhindered breath









            t        e





a cold December morn,

no ray of sunlight. I walk alone.

January chills these aching bones.

Nineteen degrees and gnawing wind

Yet there you stand to watch me pass

in your Joseph’s coat waving at me

like only a faithful friend would do.

But I’m too rushed to pause today,

Weighed down by my sorrow

I know I’ll find you there







Long drive to work

On a December morning

Cold and dark –

Knowing what’s at the end –

Pulls me into a gloomy scowl

For a while

Until I round the curve

and edge up the slight grade,

then crest the hill before town

Dazzling lights of red, green, and blue

Painting every inch of the guardian of Newport

A friend that greets me every day (save one?)

From late fall to nearly spring.

The way is brighter, my spirits lighter

Maybe I can face the end of the road

With this smile on my face


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