Do you ever feel homesick for days gone by? I do. Not only do I miss the people who are not around anymore, I miss the world of my childhood. I get homesick for days gone by when I drive past a grand old house I used to visit as a kid and notice that it is in need of repair. I get homesick when I see photos of family and friends. Sometimes, I even get homesick for days gone by when I open my lightweight laptop and shop for items online. Life is easier today in many ways, but somehow, I feel a sense of loss when I remember how life used to be.

That homesick feeling comes when I look back on days gone by, wishing for what was and knowing there is no road between here and there.
Here’s a little reminder of the days gone by. You can read the questions and answer for yourself, or you can follow the link below and share your answers on Google Forms.


Google Form – Would You Rather?


1. To quench your thirst, 

Would you rather have the original flavor of Coca-Cola in a glass bottle,
or have all 33 flavors of Mountain Dew?

Wikipedia – List of Mountain Dew flavors and varieties


2. When traveling on a plane, 

Would you rather have a full meal on your flight
or have options for the in-flight movie?


3. On a hot summer day,

Would you rather have mesh screens in the windows and screen doors

or central air conditioning?


4. When caring for the most important matters,

Would you rather have the new ultra-soft, extra strength toilet paper,
or would you just like to have toilet tissue in public bathrooms that isn’t the same size as dental floss?
(Sorry, that was my sarcasm. There was no bad choice for that one.)


5. When listening to your favorite tunes,

Would you rather play 45 records
or turn to Apple Music/Pandora/Spotify?

days gone by

days gone by


6. Would you rather


Return to the days of visiting your grandparents

                 or have the grandkids visit you?




7. When obtaining bonus awards,

Would you rather collect S&H Green stamps
or earn credit card cash-back rewards?


8. As you drive along the highway,

Would you rather have a speed limit of 35 mph and gas prices of $.21 (1944)
or have a speed limit of 55 mph and gas prices of $.59 (1974)
or the U.S. national average speed limit of 65 mph and $3.59 per gallon (today)?

Average Gas Prices in the U.S. Through History
Wikipedia – National Maximum Speed Law


9. As you think back over your memories,

Which event got your heart racing faster…

the arrival of the Sears Christmas Wishbook
or Amazon Prime Day?


10. Before you leave for your next cross-country road trip,

Would you rather study the Rand McNally Road Atlas
or plug your destination into a GPS?
You can still buy these: Amazon: Rand McNally 2024 Road Atlas


11. When you shop for groceries,

Would you rather have the friendly grocery boy carry your brown paper bags to your car
or use self-checkout?
(I’m still waiting for DoorDash to hit my area.)


12. Would you rather doodle away the hours…

With an Etch-A-Sketch
or Sketch Pad?


13. Would you rather be entertained…

By Dick, Jane, and Sally stories
or Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig?


14. Finally, when leaving your home,

Would you rather leave the back door unlocked in case someone in the family forgets the key
or rely on a home security system?


I have many more questions, but I’ll save those for another time.

Please share your own ideas. And if you wouldn’t mind, please add a first name, full name, or nickname.


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