A Few of My Favorite Things…

by Deb Richmond


Marie may have loved raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and bright copper kettles, but I have a different list. 


As we come to Thanksgiving, it might be a good time to take inventory of what we have. I, for one, spend too much time thinking of the things I don’t have (like enough days off work!) So I’ve made a list of some favorite things that I usually don’t mention. 


Please send me an email with some of your favorite things. You’re not allowed to do the usual – family, friends, and faith. Why? Because if we start naming all our favorite people, 1) We’ll miss someone important, and 2) We’ll run out of computer data/hard drive/RAM/cache space. Do any of those even exist anymore? 


You can get creative and sneak in a few of the forbidden ones. There may be a surprise in the mail for one random person who responds to this email. Let’s make it email number 12. 


A few of my favorite things:


  • Crawling under a pile of covers on a night when it sounds like the house is going to blow away
  • Starting to read three new books at the same time and waiting to see which one captivates me
  • Little girls in sparkly shoes
  • Movies that leave me saying, “I didn’t see that coming!”
  • Big blue eyes
  • Reading a story I wrote years ago and enjoying what I wrote because I have no memory of composing those words.
  • Cheese and bacon bits on my green vegetables
  • Wrapping in a warm comfortor, sitting on my sunroom sofa while reading a book about the perils and struggles of mountain climbers or arctic explorers who barely survive the freezing conditions. 
  • Floral designs on just about anything
  • Leaving the library with a stack of books
  • The people at my church who hug me, encourage me and carry me through the crises of life
  • Victorian houses
  • Hearing from people who read what I’ve written
  • Grandchildren who wrap both arms around my legs, so I won’t leave their house (No, that isn’t Zoe.)
  • Hearing the church bells chime through the streets of McAlisterville on a Saturday morning.
  • A snow-covered world before anyone has a chance to muck it up.
  • The look on a student’s face when they finally “get it!”
  • My dad’s stories of his younger years
  • The little Christmas tree that watches over Route 322 near Newport from November through January.
  • Rust-colored mums and purple dahlias that linger through October
  • The anticipation of putting together the 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle hiding under my dresser, waiting for my retirement
  • Perusing the homes for sale webpage and pretending I could afford the house with six bedrooms and a pool
  • Warm, fuzzy footies
  • Coasting downhill on my bicycle… (I have to do a lot of uphills before I get the downhills)
  • Castles
  • The member of the family who knows everybody in the county and knows where they live, where they work, and if they’re still alive (so I don’t have to ask and embarrass myself)
  • Waterfalls
  • Sister time
  • Thunderstorms
  • Peace that passes understanding
  • Butterflies
  • Opening a brand new word puzzle book
  • The thought of retirement!
  • Picking green beans early in the morning with my favorite gardener
  • The art of the greeting card (not quite as impressed with most of the sayings, but the art is beautiful!)
  • Making a list of things I love instead of grading papers

Your turn! Tell me a few of your favorite things, and let me know someone is out there!


Many blessings to you and yours,


Happy Thanksgiving,



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