Front porchThank you for signing up for the Front Porch Stories newsletter.

As a child, I sat on our front porch where passing neighbors stopped to chat for a while. I listened to the adults tell stories about news events, the good old days, and unusual relatives. I wish I had written down all those stories.

Unfortunately, we don’t sit on the front porch and share conversations anymore. But I hope to tell some of those stories, anyway. Therefore, this newsletter will be my front porch!

Typically, newsletters will go out about every two weeks…unless life interrupts – and life always interrupts. Topics include stories about the days gone by, the challenges of growing older and being a caregiver, and the delights of being a grandparent.

Thanks for being here. I’d love to hear from you with suggestions (Be nice!), your own stories, or ideas to make this site more helpful to those of us who have moved into the next season of life. You may add your responses and thoughts to the comments sections or send an email. 

Finally, be patient with me. As you know, building a webpage and designing newsletters is a learning process. As a result, these offerings are far from finished or looking as I first imagined. But they are getting closer to what I want them to be. I hope you find something useful, entertaining, or helpful in these letters.


Deb Richmond, Author