The topic of the first official newsletter – a name for this website. Please send a note, message, or email (until I figure out how to get comments added to newsletters) with your thoughts. I want to hear your wackiest ideas for a title, not because I’m looking for the wackiest title, but because I need a laugh now and then. 


Besides sharing information about books, the web page’s purpose is to help people navigate the murky waters of life after mid-life. I want the webpage to be about the challenges and blessings of sliding beyond summer and creeping toward the winter season. Winter Creep – there’s a title I probably shouldn’t use!


Some of my thoughts included Autumn Blessings, Well Beyond Summer, Miles to Go (before the big sleep), Autumn Moments, and Fall from Gracefulness.


I gave this topic to my husband. That may have been a mistake. Here are his suggestions:  

  Old is Just a State of Mine

  Old for Dummies

  What? Me Old? – with an image of a person looking in a mirror

  75 Shades of Gray!

See what I live with? He did come up with the name “The Wandering Place” for my book about Alzheimer’s, so he gets it right more than I like to admit. 


Some titles are too long to be useful but capture the sentiment well: Laughter is the best anti-aging Medicine, We are Hero Sandwiches – the meat holding together the generations on either side of us. I feel more like a S’More, melting with heat flashes and growing soft in the middle. 


It’s your turn. Give it your best shot. Some readers have commented that they like the title Front Porch Stories. So, this may simply be an exercise in creative thinking. But at my age, soft thinking is always a good workout. 


May your life be filled with more blessings than body aches. 



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